Instead of make a post per game update, I decided to condense them into one super post. This post covers updates for Terraria 1.2, Stardew Valley, Secrets of Grindea and Starbound. So lets hit it, shall we?

terraria 1.2

YouTube sensation ChippyGaming released the above Terraria 1.2 video featuring some new armor and dyes. He has access to the Terraria 1.2 beta and was planning on doing a series of spoiler videos, but due to some unfortunate communication with ReLogic, was only able to post the one video.

stardew valley dungeon crawling update

ConcernedApe posted a new update on Stardew Valley showing off some of the cave exploration parts of the game.

"As you explore the mines, you might encounter a dungeon entrance. If you can make it through in one piece, you might just leave with a pocketful of golden souvenirs. These dungeons are procedurally generated to keep things fresh. They are also totally optional for those who prefer to avoid combat!"

The post also goes into some of what you can expect in the mines and the new mine elevator for quick traveling the levels.

secrets of grindea

"This week, we have finished up one of the last enemy designs for the Winterland. As of now we call them Frostlings! They are agile little creatures with a taste for mischief. Avoiding to get hit and blocking are preferred when fighting these little trouble makers since they have a habit of stealing gold from Collectors venturing through the Winterland! If they nab some of your cash, you’ll have to whack them with something hard before they escape with your life savings."

The Grindea devs are also showcasing some new features for puzzles that take elements from Braid in its rewind system.

starbound showcases speech bubbles and dry humor

Starbound is implementing the chat system a bit differently than most multiplayer games in that speech will appear in a bubble above your players head. This is pretty neat, but I a wonder how you will handle chat with everyone on the server when you are not in close proximity to them? That said, if you are interested in how the speech bubbles will look and were interested in some very dry Starbound jokes, head over to the post and watch the video.