Recently Travis and I were able to play the all new game Tiny Barbarian DX. After playing it a bit the last few days I decided to do make a video to showcase the Horde Mode as well as to see how far into the Single Player as I could go. From the video you can see that my Horde Mode performance is a bit lacking but I make it WAY further into the Single Player story than I planned. In fact, I decided to quit where I did because I didn't want to make the video too long. That said, I plan on doing a follow up video where I try and take down the first chapter boss.

I won't try and cover too much of what Travis already said in his review again but I will sort of toss out a few bits on the game that I didn't cover in my review video. If it wasn't apparent from the video, Tiny Barbarian is a hell of a lot of fun and the play control is great. It really nails the style and tone of a Conan side scroller and you really do feel like a bad-ass at times.

The game is challenging though and keeps changing up the challenge so once you get used to playing a certain way, it immediately tosses you something different. This really keeps the game interesting and allows you to feel like you are progressing. I liken the challenge to Portal 2 in that it keeps each consecutive part fresh and interesting.

If you are on the fence about picking this game up you really need to get it and also stop sitting on fences, I can't imagine that's comfortable. Do yourself a favor and get a USB controller and JoyToKey because this game shines on a D-pad. The game works well with the Keyboard, but it is really awesome with the ol' controller layout.

Head over to the Steam Greenlight page and give this a vote, this game needs to come to Steam.