A few days ago I launched a few new features for Cheerful Ghost events that I want to talk a bit about.

moderated events

All the events created with Cheerful Ghost events to this point can joined by anyone. This is a pretty awesome default and will remain so, but occasionally we all might want to create an event that we want to be bit more selective with. Intro moderated events. Moderated events allow the event creator to approve people to join the event that request access.

server support

In the past Cheerful Ghost has run game servers that last a month or so and as such events now support that use case. You can now put in your Server URL and Server Password into the event and if someone successfully joins an event they can access the URL and password. The reason this information will only be available to people that join the event is so you can keep this information secure to avoid griefers.

Moderated events in conjunction with server events will run the next Terraria 1.2 Cheerful Ghost server. So basically people will ask to join the server and when you are approved you will get access to the server URL and password. This will make it easier for us to communicate when we pop the game into hardmode as well as ensuring we don't overload the server. Over the lifetime of the server, the password may change as well and keeping this all in the event will make this much simpler.

Creating moderated and server based events are only available to Cheerful Ghost Members. If you are interested in becoming a Cheerful Ghost member read about it here: