Many of us picked up Capsized with the recent Humble Bundle 8. After crushing pretty hard on Awesomenauts and completing Hotline Miami I decided to play Capsized next. From the Humble Bundle 8 video I was very interested in playing it as it reminded me of a moment in Super Metroid where you find the crashed alien space craft. That said, the game was a quick download and I had it up and running on my Windows PC in a few minutes.

Capsized starts off with a story board intro that conveying the games premise. You are a crew member in a ship traveling across the stars and your ship crashes on an alien planet. The first mission is a good primer to how to play the game and uses a kind of way point system to teach you. Capsized is similar in style to Metroid but is different in that you start the game with a full compliment of awesome gear. You start the game with: A Jetpack, Basic lazer weapon, Gravity Force Gun, Energy Hookshot/Gravity Gun and the ability to wall jump. Over the course of the first few missions you get access to more weaponry to make you even more powerful.

The basic gameplay of Capsized is straightforward in that you must complete the objective of each level. In one such objective I had to find a stranded crew member. Each level is comprised of things that want you dead and things you need to move or get around to complete a level. The energy beam/gravity gun is really useful to reach locations your couldn't otherwise or move a rock or stone to form a bridge or clear something in your path.

The play control takes a bit to get used to but it never felt awkward. Compared to other more tightly controlled side-scrollers Capsized is fairly loose. This is often nice but sometimes my ingrained 2d sidescrolling reflex burned in from Mario games came to bear in unfortunate ways. That said, its nice to play something that approaches this genre differently.

One really impressive aspect of Capsized is how well the score works in the game. Sporting an amazing electronic and etherial score, Capsized really brings you into the games feel like few games can. From your first steps on this very alien world, the music really helps ratchet up the wonder I felt exploring this VERY strange and beautiful planet.

I have only played a few missions of Capsized and I am really enjoying myself. I recommend you check it out and let me know what you think. I might post further as I continue on with the game as I am only a few levels in so far.