"Bartwe worked hard last weekend to get the system in place, and I’ve been taking full advantage, testing various potential instruments with dozens of ABC files.

At present there’s almost 20 instruments already in the game, with more to come as time goes on.

All that remains really as far as the instruments are concerned is some pretty graphics to make them look the part, proper animations with the hands, a user interface so players can easily select their song of choice, and getting synchronized performances across multiple players.

This feature of the game really interests me. As a musician it interests me, but I am also curious in playing music with my friends with the game. The video showcases three people playing "Still Alive" and it got me thinking about how hard it would be to translate something like Nirvana.

When I first heard the rumblings about Bartwe working on this I was skeptical but after seeing it I am now really interested in playing with it.

AutoCat1000 wrote on 07/12/2013 at 09:41pm

Love it!

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