Capybara Games just released a new trailer for Super Time Force and it is worth a watch. The trailer features examples of how the time travel game mechanic works during game play. When you rewind time you can also select another character to play, making it possible to play different parts of a level with different characters. The game boasts the ability to play as a Dinosaur but that aspect isn't shown in the trailer. The trailer does show off a Luke Skywalker character as well as others that resemble various iconic 80's action stars.

As with any Capybara game, the trailer features a really great music. The trailer itself is fairly unique in that the last minute is a very interesting rewind segment. I couldn't tell if that was just for fun or if that mechanic will be included in the game itself.

The game look very polished from what was shown in the trailer. Any hint to the release date was included at the end of the trailer that read: "2013 XBLA." I have no plans to buy an XBox 360 or XBox One so I hope this comes to PC at some point in the future. That said, the game looks fantastic and I can't wait for it to ship.