Since I bought it, Legend of Dungeon has become one of my most beloved games of 2013. Since Legend of Dungeon is a rogue-like, each play session is different and I do a bit better each time I keep at it. Recently I made my way to the 11th floor, something I am very happy about. Right off the bat I got an Axe that ramped up my attack power to 30 and that helped immensely. Since the Axe is so large, you can't swing it as fast as the sword but since it hits so hard its a good trade. I also obtained a fair amount of Apples and the potion randomization was kind as well. All in all, getting to floor 11 was a nice milestone to hit and I am excited to progress further. The goal of the game is to make it to floor 26, get the treasure and then escape so I have ALOT more progress to make.

One of the most challenging elements of Legend of Dungeon is timing your shots right to hit enemies so they don't hit you. I am pretty good with most of the early enemies except Snakes. I can sneak up on them from behind and hit them once but if they charge me I nearly always take damage. Bats, Gnomes, Zombies, etc are not a huge problem but ... the blasted SNAKES!

That said, the game is an amazing amount of fun and I enjoy getting items i've never seem before and seeing what they do. And when I hit floor 12+ you will be the first to know :D

If you are looking for another good synopsis of Legend of Dungeon, checkout this recent post by someone on Reddit on how Legend of Dungeon should be a template for other game designers.