Each night one of the Starbound developers writes the daily game development progress and I religiously read each one. A few recently caught my eye and I thought they were fun enough to share.

The first bit of awesome shown in the above video is of a new feature, Asteroid mining. It seems all you need to do is go high enough to find them and have a suit capable of sustaining you in the low oxygen environment.

"Yup, if you go high enough you’ll now climb out of the planet’s atmosphere and find asteroids to explore.

The terrain here is COMPLETELY temporary. So don’t worry about that. We simply spawned a random jumble of dirt to test this out. It’s going to get far more asteroidy very soon.

Recently much love has gone into the food system that will be unique to in game races as well as a new farm system.

"More work was done on the food system! So far, each race will start with 16 recipes that reflect their culture/biology. There will be a bunch more recipes to discover in your travels- the more difficult they are to make, the better their buffs! We’re still working on balancing the effects of all the food items and their ingredients. Those recipes haven’t actually been implemented yet, though. Soon!

It seems the recent development posts have been about polish and bug smashing, which is great news as it could mean that the game is in its final stretch. The video above showing an early look at Asteroids also features in game sound effects and the score, which is great to see.

As always, when news of the beta drops you will be the first to know.