"The idea of watching a stranger play a video game for hours seems counterintuitive to many. But they are actually quite popular. HUGELY POPULAR, in fact. Let's Play Video creator Pewdiepie currently holds the record for most subscribers, with over 12 MILLION!!! Considering that people could just play the games themselves, what's behind the immense popularity of Let's Play Videos? Is it about learning game strategies? Entertainment? Community? Mind Control?! Watch the episode and find out!"

New episode of Game/Show drops and talks about the Let's Play epidemic and why it's so big. I they were big, but I didn't know they were that big. Game/Show really digs in on the topic and as with the first episode, this one is great.

One really cool element of Game/Show episode 2 is that for the last half of the video, Jamin Warren responds to some of the YouTube comments. I love this addition to the show and his comments are really poignant and respectful. Kind of love how PBS is elevating the game discussion with Game/Show and doing something new as well.