"Filmed before the launch of the Kickstarter and leading up to its release, Keiji Inafune talks openly about his past and hopes for the future, as well as introducing us to the crack team of veteran developers assembled for Mighty No. 9."

So there was this little Kickstarter that launched a little less than a month ago. Apparently Keiji Inafune had an idea for a new game that bears a striking resemblance to Mega Man. Yeah, well apparently they raised 2.6 million dollars and as part of that they promised to release a documentary covering the entire process. Since the game has been such a smashing success they are releasing the documentary in bits, to everyone. This documentary is beautifully shot and chronicles the game from concept to its Kickstarter launch at PAX East. Can't wait for more game documentary releases, this was fantastic.

The Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter is 3 days away from finishing up and they seem to be going out with a bang. I am super excited for this game to ship and, because they are awesome, the game will ship on Linux, Mac, PC, PS3 & XBox 360. Hopefully this game ships around the same time as when I get my Steam Machine, i'd love to take this game for a spin on the new Valve Controller.