"Shovel Knight is planned for release this winter, but you can preorder the game now for PC/Mac/Linux and Steam below (you’ll have to wait for WiiU/3DS). If you would like to learn more about Shovel Knight’s incredible journey, you can find out more information on our"

I am glad Yacht Club Games is planning on launching Shovel Knight in the winter, I enjoy dispensing Shovel Justice a bit before Christmas. If you were interested in boarding the Shovel Train to Awesome town, you can pre-order the game from the Yacht Club site on the Humble Store. $15 gets you the game DRM free on Linux, Mac and Windows + a Steam Key. $25 nabs you the same + PDF Artbook & Manual.

The video really highlights the Duck Tales/Mega Man 8-bit flavor of Shovel Knight. If you want to know more about Shovel Knight, you can read our interview with Sean Velasco of Yacht Club Games.