"Since the heyday of arcades, death has been a key element in videogames. But does it actually teach us anything about our own lives? Over the years developers have created many variations of death in games: 3 lives, checkpoints, saved games...yet the human experience of death is a lot more, well, absolute. We don't have the option to continue or try again. In some games like DayZ, death works the same way: it's permanent. So does this make DayZ's permadeath a more meaningful gaming experience?"

Really like the dissection of permadeath in the latest episode of Game/Show. As usual the show goes into some depth about death itself and how we think about it. Hardcore is a more thrilling mode for certain, the permanence of death being front and center.

Games like FTL and Legend of Dungeon put permadeath front and center but it took my mind a bit of coaxing to get to a point where losing everything could be fun. That said, I couldn't imagine playing those games any other way now.

Do you often play hardcore to increase games thrill factor?