Like many of you guys I am really excited about SteamOS and Steam Machines. So much so that I have been creating a mental list of games i'd love to see ported. I don't hold out hope for many of these, but if by some chance it were to happen but one can dream right?


I'll admit, this is kind of a cheat answer. It's not so much that I want to play Terraria on a console as much as I want to get Terraria off Windows. If Terraria were on Mac or Linux it would make my life much simpler and SteamOS would be an awesome benefit. That said, Terraria tops my list and if it were to be ported I would be elated.


Getting a solid triple A game that people love ported to SteamOS would really give the platform some solid footing. Not to say every Valve title isn't enough already, but the more the merrier and Skyrim is a game we should have access to on modern platforms until... forever. Plus, I am certain i'd play this more if I could play it in the living room and sync my saves between the PC. My Dovakin needs a new home on SteamOS.


The original Borderlands was nothing short of incredible and I hope this classic gets ported to SteamOS. By rights Borderlands 2 would be ported first, if any Borderlands come at all, but because of my affinity to it i'd love a port of the original. I have been wanting to head back to Pandora and would love to do that when SteamOS drops.


I can't help but want to play Bungee's next game because it looks so great. The world looks compelling, the story looks good and the shooting looks top notch. It's basically the most non-Halo Halo sequel in the works and would love to give it a spin. Bungee hasn't ruled out a PC release going forward so that may open the door for a possible SteamOS release given when Destiny launches in relation to it's PC port and release of SteamOS. It feels like a long-shot, but one can certainly dream :D

super meat boy

Super Meat Boy was made to be played on a console with a great controller and I would love to break in my new Steam Machine with it. Super Meat Boy runs really well on Windows and has a great Linux port that is currently not available on Steam. Hopefully Team Meat can shore up some resources to get it on Linux on Steam at some point. Since SteamOS will be based on Linux and allow some kinds of modification, I imagine installing Super Meat Boy would be possible. That said, having a fully integrated experience would be better and because of this I hope Meat Boy comes to SteamOS.

torchlight ii

Torchlight is a great hack-n-slash game that could work very well with a controller in your living room. The original Torchlight was ported to Mac and Linux on Steam and I am holding out hope that Torchlight II can make the jump as well.

fallout 3

Fallout 3 is one of the most "stand out" bad-ass games of the last 5 years. The story, game play and tone are superb and I am chomping at the bit to head back to the vault to be born again. I am curious to see the outcome if I take the "dark path" as I did my best to be good during my first play through. Wanting a port of Fallout 3 seems like a huge stretch to me but, again, it would still be awesome.

So that's my current list as it sits with me right now. So what do you think, what games would you want to see ported to SteamOS if anything at all?

shockwave wrote on 10/23/2013 at 05:27am

I think you need a good multiplayer game like Castle Crashers.

Terraria is a great idea too.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 10/23/2013 at 02:20pm

Yep Castle Crashers would be great to have ported! It has a Mac version so it should be possible!

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