Didn't think i'd be writing about the Starbound beta this year but it looks like it will be coming very soon. Chucklefish recently posted about how the beta will roll out over the upcoming months.

stage 1: progenitor

"Stage 1 will be move at a breakneck speed. This will be the buggiest and busiest stage of the beta. A bunch of unfinished features will be disabled whilst we finish them up. Updates will come thick and fast, sometimes as often as multiple updates a day.

If you choose to take part during stage 1 you should expect bugs, lots of balance changes, you shouldn’t get too attached to your character or universe as we may make changes that require you to start from scratch. You should expect the game to be broken at points as we make sweeping changes but you’ll get to enjoy exciting new content added constantly. The engine won’t optimized during this stage of the beta so performance could be poor on some low end machines.

stage 2: automaton

"Stage 2 will be largely feature complete. You’ll still find the odd bug but they’re unlikely to be game breaking and the chance of you losing your character or save is minimal. The main quest line won’t be in yet but the sandbox experience will be near complete. All sectors of the galaxy will be available including sector X (End game content). Much of the focus in this stage will be on bug fixing, optimization and balance."

stage 3: Bio-organic

"Stage 3 is largely about prepping for v1.0, this means finishing up the main quest line and implementing the post beta content. i.e. the Novakids, fossils. By the time stage 3 is complete Starbound should be ready to launch as a finished game. Worry not however, we plan to keep adding new content for at least a year after release, perhaps a lot longer."

If you are in the Starbound beta are you going to check it out before the release? Are you planning on playing the game heavily at first or wait for the game to be a bit less buggy?

Blue_Element wrote on 10/30/2013 at 03:01am

I'm definitely gonna try it out a bunch during stage one, but once stage two is out, I'm gonna play it heavily. I don't really wanna wait for stage three because I'm already pretty used to buggy/unfinished games.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 10/30/2013 at 03:49am

That sounds like a good plan. I don't want to spend lots of time and lose a save. Odd thing though, I haven't really gone back to my old Terraria characters... but having them around is really awesome for historical reasons. Having the option is nice and still having access to my first world is pretty great too. So, yeah, that would hold me back from diving in hard at first.

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