"Games make us ANGRY. Who hasn't come down to the wire in Street Fighter IV, toe to toe with some jerk named "ryukiller4eva", and suddenly you make a stupid mistake and KO, you are done. What do you do? Take a deep breath, slam your controller against the wall, try to pull it into two pieces, scream? Experiencing anger while we play video games is very real, but why does it happen, and does it help us? There are physiological reasons, emotional reasons, and psychological reasons for our anger, and your crazy drive and steaming ears just might help you succeed. Watch and learn why video games make us so angry!"

Interesting break down from Game/Show of why video games can make us so angry. Whereas I think "video game anger" can be pretty unfortunate when it is aimed at people, being angry at a game has let me to do better at it.

Oh and as an aside, I paused the video at the start and Jamin had an interesting face, thought it worth sharing.