"Jonathan Blow is an independent video game developer best known as the creator of Braid. He’s been developing a new game called The Witness with a team of 3D modelers, programmers, and architects since 2009. It will be released when it is done, hopefully in late 2013. He’s interested in pushing gaming to its full realization as an art form and his talk is about the unique and exciting properties of the medium of video games, and ways in which forward-thinking designers are pushing the medium."

Creative Mornings is a really awesome thing that happens in Portland. A few months ago they got Jonathan Blow to give a talk and I was signed up to attend. Then I forgot to set the alarm in my calendar and i slept past it. I still chalk that up to a really unfortunate moment, I mean how often do awesome people in video games talk in Portland?

Incredibly interesting personal tragedy aside, Creative Mornings has posted Jonathan's talk on YouTube and I thought it was well worth sharing. Jonathan talks about the advancement of video games over time and how money has been made from them. He talks about social games, like candy crush being "The new bad TV." Totally dig his premise and it gave me quite a bit to consider as I contemplate making my first set of games.

What did you think of his talk? Do you think Candy Crush and Farmville are the new bad TV?