"Are you less of a gamer if you drop the level down to easy? It just might be so. We all know that challenging games can be incredibly frustrating, so why do we put ourselves through this? Well, there is a greater satisfaction, but it goes deeper than this, hard games are makes games a unique experience unlike any other. Games that call for physical dexterity, moral deliberation, and tough problem solving is what separate out the noobs, but it's also what separates games from every previous art forms like books, theater, and the movies. So are hard games better than easy games?"

Game/Show is an awesome web video serial because it explores interesting topics in gaming while bringing their own style to the mix. In this episode Jamin makes the claim that hard games are better than easy ones. Finally beating FTL and getting the last tier of Terraria 1.2 gear? Yeah, both of things were really awesome and also not easy.

Clicky click, watchy watch. His perpetual 5 o'clock shadow is worth the price of admission alone.

Timogorgon   Member wrote on 11/24/2013 at 12:29am

First off, I've really been loving this video series. It's really well done and they hit a lot of cool topics.

The hard games vs. easy games thing I have difficulty with. (see what I did there?)

On the one hand, my play time is usually pretty limited and I don't want to have to keep grinding out the same scene over and over before I can progress anywhere. So I tend to lean more towards easier games or games I've already played so I know, roughly, how much I can get done in my limited time. I also get frustrated easily and when I get frustrated it stops being fun. On the other hand, some of the most fun I've had in games involved stuff that was pretty difficult. For example, defeating Alexander is one of the highlights from my time playing FFXI*. I also sometimes impose handicaps on myself to make games I've already beaten more challenging, like playing Link to the Past with no bottle.

*This was back when the level cap was still 75. I'm sure this fight is a LOT easier now that the cap is 99.

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