Valve keeps the firehose of rad directly aimed at all our collective faces as they drop even more details about the new Steam in Home Streaming. Serving up the details in a handy Q&A format, the company Gaben built proves that they can keep things accessible yet informative without falling back to using spreadsheets.

"Q: Is this like other game streaming services I've heard about?
A: No, you are in complete control over the hardware on both ends and the network between them. There is no data center, no subscription, and it's completely free!

Q: Can someone use my computer while I’m streaming a game from it?
A: No, your computer is dedicated to running the game and input is coming from both the remote client and the local system. It would be very confusing if someone were trying to use the computer at the same time.

It's too bad Valve hasn't articulated if it's possible to Stream games to the International Space Station, but I imagine the latency issues are being worked on.