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"Dropsy is a clown. A very, um, not nice looking clown. I think I love him. He has a puppy and he draws his own, poorly painted face on everything – including said loyal canine companion. TV and my nightmares tell me that ours is a world full of sad clowns just trying to get by/devour my heart with crooked, yellow teeth, but Dropsy is an irrepressibly joyful clown in a sad situation. His family’s circus has been burnt to the ground, and he’s gone from local, animal-whispering hero to scrap-collecting outcast. His game, then, is a point-and-click adventure that wields sorrow in one hand and gut-busting humor in another, with a fascinating open-world structure gluing everything together. The personality is strong in this one."

Dropsy was just successfully Kickstarted but I only recently learned about it. Really great to see this game get funded because it's a pretty atypical adventure game premise. I really enjoy how the Dropsy's mental abilities shape how the game interacts with you. I haven't played very many modern adventure games and Dropsy looks like a great game to bring me back into the genre.

Dropsy will launch on Linux, Mac and PC sometime at the end of 2014.