The Starbound Beta drops in 2 days and like many of you, I am very excited. A few Let's Players have received early beta access and have posted up several videos and I want to break down a few things that will help you out through the first missions of Starbound.

First thing you will do is get your first quest and collect your starting items from your ship chest. You start with a sword, flashlight, 10 torches, matter manipulator and some seeds. After you land you will want to chop down some trees and get some cobblestone with the matter manipulator. The matter manipulator is a cool tool that basically can chop down trees & dig up stuff except it does is very slowly. So the first thing you will want to do is collect wood and cobblestone to make a crafting table then craft a pickaxe. After you have the pickaxe, head back and mine more cobble stone and then craft the axe and hoe. From there you can use the hoe to till up the ground to plant seeds and chop down trees much faster with the axe.

The quest system will guide you through many of the basics, including crafting a bow to kill animals to roasting them on your fire. I am not entirely certain how far the beta quests take you through the game, but most of the Let's Play videos that have surfaced so far end at the same quest where you craft a furnace.