"Game doesn't work for you? Contact our support (http://www.gog.com/support) and tell us to fix it! But what if they cannot find a solution? If such a rare event should occur, we'll give you your money back. Simple as that. If you buy a game on GOG.com and find that it doesn't work properly on your system, and our support cannot fix the problem, you get a full refund. It's a worldwide guarantee, and you have whole 30 days after the purchase date, to contact us about the refund.

There's even more! If you bought a game by mistake, or simply changed your mind about a purchase, you can get a full refund within 14 days, as long as the game wasn't downloaded.

I mention this because it's an interesting move by GOG.com. Currently most digital stores don't offer refunds and I kind of wish some would. In GOG's case, it would be because they couldn't get your game to run or you bought the wrong game and didn't download it. I laud them for doing this, it goes quite a ways to put a "stamp of quality" on things.

I hope things advance beyond this though. It's 2013 and I can return nearly anything I purchase in a store(except food and whatnot) and online. Digital goods? Not so much. I get that because of copying you could still hold on to it after you return it, but why go through that hassle as pirating it is much simpler. That said, there are cases where I would have loved a refund on my money, most notably when the game I bought isn't very good at all.

When I sink $30-$60 on a game and it for lack of a better term.. sucks, I'd love a refund. Slap on a 30 day window, whatever, I'd just love to get my money back. I know developing games is hard, but in a world with few game demos should a gamer pirate a game before they purchase it?

It's awesome to see GOG.com starting to offer a sane refund policy for goods as the video game industry marches ever digitally I hope others take notice and do so likewise.