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"Midora (pronounced "mid-ora") is a love letter to the classic 2D RPG adventures like The Legend of Zelda or Mana that have frequented consoles and enamored audiences for generations. It's a charming world to explore, with new mechanics to learn and quests to fulfill all while hopefully tugging at your nostalgic heartstrings. Midora seeks to bring you the same tried and true feel of familiar titles, but with the grace of a new, modern experience, with in a beautiful, 100% pixel art setting.

Midora is set in a welcoming fantasy world, one shaped by the elements countless lifetimes ago. Of course, not all can be peaceful in lands such as this, and the threat of a history changing upset is just beginning. And that's where our hero comes in: Snow, a young girl on her adventure to restore harmony to her world.

I was impressed watching the Kickstarter video for Midora as it already looks very good. Midora seems to pay homage to Zelda and The Secret of Mana while brining in it's own flair. As with nearly every new Indie titles Midora will ship on Mac, Linux and Windows and they have stretch goals into other platforms like iOS and Android.

Currently Midora is 3.6K of funding to the 60k goal so if you want to fund it now, you should.