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"Rain World is set in an abandoned industrial environment scourged by a shattered eco-system. Bone-crushing intense rain pounds the surface regularly, making life as we know it almost impossible. The creatures in this world hibernate most of the time, but in the few brief dry periods they go out searching for food.

You are a lonely nomadic slugcat, both predator and prey in this land. You must hunt enough food to survive another cycle of hibernation. Other - bigger - creatures have the same plan.

Rain World is a very interesting new Kickstarter project featuring Slugcat. I really appreciate the game score, visuals and overall tone of bleak world. Plus, you know, Slugcats are pretty awesome too.

The game just tipped over it's funding goal but if you want to see this game be made even more awesome, check it out on Kickstarter. Rain World is planning on shipoung on Windows, Mac and possibly Linux sometime this December.