I love old Koei games. Three games in particular: Le Emperor, Genghis Khan II and Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2. I only owned one of those games and Genghis Khan was the game.

Genghis Khan II is a turn based strategy game where you can start doing one of two things: conqueror Mongolia then use Mongolia to conqueror the world or just start out as Mongolia and try to conqueror the world. Both were fun but starting as Mongolia was almost always easier. Easier because by the time you conqueror all of Mongolia Genghis might be dead or very old making the world conquest harder. If you started at world conquest you could pick a different country to start as, like India or England.

Koei games are all turn based strategy games set in a particular period of time and you are left to manage your small empire with aspirations to take over all other territories or countries. You have simple controls for managing your territories, army, generals and diplomacy. Genghis Khan II kicked it up a notch by allowing you to marry and have kids. This is awesome because you can name your kids "Darth Vader" and "Jon" but lame because if your current leader lacked in an area the kids were not much better. Also, if you didn't have a male child and you died you lost the game. Women can be leaders of Mongolia too Koei!

All the earlier Koei games simply allowed you to assign up to 100 troops per general and train them and equip them. Genghis Khan II upped that by allowing different kinds of units you could train and assign. The best units in the game were the Mongols as they had all A's in nearly every category. It was fun building other kind of units, like Elephants or Catapults but you never went wrong by simply building Mongols. I guess the game wasn't "Super Knight Quest II" as the Knights Templar were not great.

I played this game for hours but didn't find many people willing to play a two player game with me. I guess an 8 hour session of a turn based strategy game didn't excite many of my high school friends. Too bad too, it was a fun game.

Ben_Dodson wrote on 04/04/2012 at 04:28pm

I remember hours of countless play time with you and this game. Fun times. My son did not like nor understand the greatness of this game when I played it with him.

Timogorgon   Member wrote on 04/04/2012 at 06:28pm

I remember playing this with you guys. So many fun hours were sunk into this game! :D I liked that it was complex enough to keep you interested, but also pretty simple so it was easy to pick up and start playing with only a minimal learning curve.

Ben_Dodson wrote on 04/04/2012 at 07:45pm

Our uncivial alliances that did not stand but just to piss someone off

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 04/05/2012 at 01:13am

It was fun, games were long though. I always liked starting as India or England but it was nearly impossible to defeat Genghis Khan because he was such a great general and the Mongols were so overpowered!


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