I am pretty excited to be part of the Escape Goat 2 beta. If you haven't played the original Escape Goat, I recommend you head to Steam and check it out. I have only played the first few levels of Escape Goat 2 and so far it already exceeds my expectations for a sequel. I really liked the pixel art quality of the original but find the hand drawn nature of Escape Goat 2 to be more to my liking. In fact, every element of Escape Goat 2 seems way more polished from the original. The play control, levels and game pacing all seem to be much tighter this time around.

If you are curious how the new game looks and plays, I made a quick video above showing off the first few levels. So far my testing has only been of the Mac version as they are ironing out some kinks on the Linux version. The game plays very well with keyboard and mouse and shines with the XBox 360 controller.

I am not sure when Escape Goat 2 will launch but when it does, I'll let you know.

If you are curious to read our interview with the creator of Escape Goat and Escape Goat 2: