In this episode of The Cheerful Ghost Roundtable we are talking all about BioShock Infinite. This episode is special in that it features the guys from Sleep Ninja Games making the upcoming Indie awesomery, Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake. We talk a little about what we've been playing, what we are drinking and I do a quick Q&A about how Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake development is going.

We then tear into a rabid discussion about the amazingness that is BioShock Infinite. I warn you as with things we love, we have some critiques of it. Put your nerd-fi hats on, this episode clocks in at a whopping 2+ hours. And really, did you want it any other way?

What We are Playing & Drinking

  • 1.00m alex: Dark Souls 2

  • 1.25m scrypt: BioShock Infinite & Angvick

  • 2.50m justin: Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze & Papers Please

Monsters Ate my Birthday Cake

  • 4.20m How is development of the game going?

  • 5:15 What they are working on with the game right now?

BioShock Infinite [Spoiler Free]

  • 8.30m What is BioShock Infinite?

  • 9.20m A quick overview of our thoughts on the game.

  • 18.00m Should people play the original BioShock first?

  • 20.30m Our thoughts on the game mechanics and Elizabeth.

  • 29.05m How does BioShock Infinite work as a shooter?

  • 43.23m How did the length of the game feel to us?

BioShock Infinite Story[!!SPOILERS!!]

  • 51.10m The game brought up issues of racism, classism and religion

  • 105.50m Something really spoilery about Elizabeth and Booker

  • 120.20m Something really spoilerrific about Booker

  • 132.40m The Songbird was a pretty big part of the story

  • 153.00m The ending of the game

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