I recently was let into the beta for Nekro and I am excited to finally be able to write about it. Nekro is a pretty dark game where you take the role of an evil Necromancer hell bent on usurping the sitting king in favor of replacing him with a dark lord of the undead. In the first few missions you learn the ropes of the game and spend in game "sins" to upgrade your Necromancers abilities. I really enjoy playing as the brawler Nekro and sunk most of my points into the bats as my summons. One aspect of Nekro is that your summons automagically target bad guys leaving you free to kite around taking shots at the games antagonists. Whereas you can use your Nekro to attack the game really wants you to lean on your summons as your bread a butter method for attack.

I felt at home with the games graphic style as it is well suited to the games very dark premise. The style reminds of Warcraft III at times and since Warcraft III has a special place in my heart, that isn't a bad thing.

To be able to use your Nekro's special abilities you need to kill living creatures to harvest blood. At first this is a bit creepy as when you acquire the blood the in game sound effect is of someone drinking. That said, Nekro doesn't seem to apologize for it's tone and content, which is something I respect about it. Plus if you have ever wanted to kill farmers, chickens, pigs or cows and have the game reward you, Nekro is your jam.

I recorded a video above that came out WAY darker than the game actually is. I link it above because I had fun making it, but don't take the quality as a reflection of the game, it looks way better than that. The guys at Yogscast did a video that is a bit longer than the one I did and doesn't suffer from any technical issues. I recommend you check it out for a better idea of what the game looks like.


Nekro will drop sometime this year on Mac, Linux and PC.