As the days to the release of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls count down, Blizzard is letting out more information about the expansion. In this latest update they kicked out some really interesting bits of lore about the Crusader. I'll clip out a few things I found interesting:

"While there is some debate among scholars as to the true nature of Akarat’s prophecy—specifically, whether the "being" Akarat saw was the archangel Yaerius or simply an echo of Uldyssian’s sacrifice at the end of the Sin War—its significance is undeniable. It is said that the vision, manifesting as a magnificent flash of light and energy across the sky, ignited the fundamental belief within Akarat that humans were powerful vessels of light, and that all should seek their "inner light" in order to live good lives."

There is debate amongst scholars in Diablo's world of sanctuary as to if the being Akarat saw was the archangel Yaerius or is the echo of some warriors sacrifice? If I could portal myself into the world of Diablo III I would enjoy listening in at that scholarly debate.

OLD MAN THAT LOOKS LIKE DECARD CAIN BUT ISN't DECARD CAIN 1: "So yeah, I think it was homeboy Yaerius himself, in the flesh. I mean in angel-skin and not flesh, but it was totally him."

OLD MAN THAT LOOKS LIKE DECARD CAIN BUT ISN't DECARD CAIN 2: "Nah dude, it was just an echo of Uldyssian's sacrifice and I have some non-science to prove it!"

OLD MAN THAT LOOKS LIKE DECARD CAIN BUT ISN't DECARD CAIN 1: "Nah, I totally don't believe in your non science because I have some of my own that I actually think is true."

OLD MAN THAT LOOKS LIKE DECARD CAIN BUT ISN't DECARD CAIN 2: "Huh well thats a bummer, I felt good about my position. Hey, I have a question? Why don't we learn how to swing a sword, it seems like whever the undead return we all get murdered?"

Blizzard also posted a Q&A with fans on Twitter. I thought a few of the questions were pretty interesting.

"Golf Mike: Why did you choose the flail as the main weapon for Crusaders?

Blizzard: A heavily armored, deeply driven warrior is traditionally depicted with a flail or mace. Maces generally learn towards the clergymen or clerical type of character, and the Crusader definitely leans more towards the martial side of things. Plus, they’re just awesome!

I don't know what church the people at Blizzard go to but it sounds really dangerous. That said, they are right about one thing, maces are totally awesome. And because of that, I will play the Crusader class when the expansion drops. I mean, why not play a member of a religious order way more dogmatic than a Paladin? They might not be fun at parties but I bet they are very pious as they smash demons in the face.

You can read the entire history of the Crusader:

You can read the entire Blizzard Crusader Q&A: