In this episode of The Cheerful Ghost Roundtable we are talk about a smattering of game related bits such as the new Steam Controller re-design, Gauntlet Reboot & Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls. We also chat about what games we've been playing as well as other awesomery not found anywhere else(except for the other places you can find them).

What We are Playing & Drinking

  • 0.25m scrypt: Darksiders & Darksiders II, Dark Souls & Pinball FX2

  • 2.00m WhiteboySlim: GTA V Online & Ocarina of Time Remaster

  • 5.00m Travis: Portal 2, Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake & Super Mario World

  • 6.30m jdodson: Portal 2, Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake, Diablo III 2.0.X & Nom Nom Galaxy

This Episodes Roundtable Topics

  • 10.15m WB Announces Gauntlet Reboot. Coming to PC Steam and SteamOS.

  • 19.40m Diablo III Reaper of Souls.

  • 32.40m Steam Controller Redesign with ALL NEW BUTTONS!

  • 39.30m Leaks of the new Amazon controller for a probable new Amazon console.