One of the coolest parts of being in gaming is how many awesome games we have access to. Steam, GoG, Origin, iOS and Android stores all let you buy a ton of awesome games for much less than the traditional $60 console price point. That said, many triple A games that come out sell digitally and physically for the same price. YouTube gaming sensation Boggie2988 made a video recently that caught my attention I linked above. He asks Microsoft and Sony to change the pricing model for digital content because the digital versions of games don't allow trading and loaning yet are cheaper to distribute.

This is something that's bugged me for quite a long time that doesn't stop at certain kinds of games. Digital movies, music and books are often priced similarly to the physical versions. When you cut out the cost of shipping and retail costs, why can't the pricing of digital content go down too?

Recently I picked up the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collectors Edition. All told I love it and the extras it comes with are great and I plan to write more about it soon. That said, it comes with a traditional game install DVD that I decided to check out on a lark. The fact that all the disc contains is a 4 meg install file that simply starts the download process lets me know the digital only direction we are headed. That said, I don't the new digital only world, but I do mind it's strange pricing model alongside it's physical counterparts.