Microsoft has released more information about Age of Mythology: Extended Edition in the form of a pretty awesome new trailer. The trailer shows the old version and new version side by side. The trailer goes over the new updated HD visuals, water effects, global lighting, day and night cycles, streaming & Steam multi-player and workshop integration.

Age of Mythology is a really great game that deserves the HD re-release treatment. I really enjoyed the multi-player of Age of Empires and Age of Empires II but didn't like the single player game. Age of Mythology not only has great multi-player but the single player is well worth the price of admission alone. Taking into account that they are putting in the original Age of Mythology content plus the Wrath of the Titans expansion, this is a pretty great deal.

I wonder if Age of Mythology will get more post-release content expansions like Age of Empires: HD?