As someone that typically doesn't like mobile games, I was strangely excited to see Wayward Souls launch. Wayward Souls is a 2D hack-n-slash rogue-like that has some of the best mobile controls i've experienced. Lately, it's been the game i've been spending the most time playing because it's focus on short gameplay chunks is really compelling. I want to thank Kepa of RocketCat Games for getting back to me and I wish them well to a speedy PC launch!

jdodson: Wayward Souls has launched to some pretty universal critical acclaim with fans and reviewers. How are you taking the feedback and has anything altered your initial set of plans for the game?

Kepa Auwae: There's some mixed feedback on the controls. "Best control scheme on iOS" generally, but some "flawed controls hurt the game". We found out there's a slight sensitivity problem for swipes on iPad, so we need to fix that. Our first big update got delayed a bit, as we added a lot of feature requests and such. Still working on that.

jdodson: I am a huge fan of PC gaming and think Wayward Souls would work really well in this space. Curious what the timeline is to bring the game to Steam and if we might see a Linux/Steam Machine or Mac port as well?

Kepa Auwae: We hope for a few months, for the Windows version. We can most likely get it on Steam. Linux/Mac: Not sure yet! We'd like to port it to as many platforms as possible, but we also don't want to handle the work ourselves. We need to find a porting company to tackle it.

jdodson: How long has Wayward Souls been in development before you decided it was ready for launch on iOS?

Kepa Auwae: 2.5 years. Really 2 years, but we took 6 months to DESPAIR.

jdodson: What was the inspiration for Wayward Souls?

Kepa Auwae: Secret of Mana was a big one. Mostly me not liking the combat after playing it again. I wanted to make a game like Secret of Mana, but one where the combat was fast-paced and required some twitch skill and thought. Spelunky was also a big one, due to its good level generation system.

jdodson: I heard it mentioned that Wayward Souls would get a few content updates. What kinds of things do you have planned? When you start supporting new platforms will they all receive the same content?

Kepa Auwae: New areas, with the first update having a huge new dungeon. Secret stuff. New content. Eventually a new playable character. The new platforms will get the same content, though PC version will get a big content update that may take awhile for the other platforms to get.

jdodson: When do you think the PC version will come out? Don't need a specific date, but are you working on it now?

Kepa Auwae: We hope that the PC version will take about a few months, but no idea really.

jdodson: If you could work with any video game property, which would it be?

Kepa Auwae: Sonic the Hedgehog, but with us intentionally making the worst game possible. With a King of the Hill cross-over.

jdodson: From your first game to finally shipping Wayward Souls and Death Road to Canada, how do you look at how things have gone? Anything in game development that you didn’t go the way you expected?

Kepa Auwae: Well we thought Wayward Souls would take about half the development time. And we thought Death Road would have been out a long while ago. So yeah I guess release dates didn't go as expected for either.

jdodson: Recently I watched a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode that featured “Santa Claus VS The Martians.” In the film, Martians want to make their kids happy again by kidnapping old Saint Nick and having him make presents on Mars. Not sure this is a question.

Kepa Auwae: I saw that one, I was a big MST3K fan. Sometimes I get flack for being a Mike fan instead of a Joel fan.

jdodson: My friends have asked me if I prefer Mike or Joel and I honestly don't like to answer that. It's odd because your supposed to have a favorite, but I really like them both. They are super different though, but it's hard to pen it down to which I prefer. WHY MUST WE CHOOSE ONE?

Kepa Auwae: Because Mike's BETTER.

jdodson: I am a Death Road to Canada backer and can’t wait for the game to ship. How is development going on it? Will it ship this year?

Kepa Auwae: It's going slowly, but recently it's gotten a lot better. We hope it ships this year, but not going to guess at a release date at all until we're sure.

EXTRA THING: One of the updates will add a super elaborate Credits level.

Timogorgon   Member wrote on 05/18/2014 at 04:50pm

Wayward Souls looks pretty cool, but I think I'll wait for the PC version. :)

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 05/18/2014 at 06:28pm

Good idea. It really does have some of the best of breed phone controls, but this game seems made for the PC.

Timogorgon   Member wrote on 05/20/2014 at 05:10pm

Is there a demo for iOS? I'd like to give the mobile controls a try but don't want to have to buy the full game just to try it out.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 05/21/2014 at 12:06am

No demo that I know of.

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