Occasionally games come along that change the way you think about what games can do. A month or so back I heard that Sword & Sworcery was a rad iOS game that took the experience beyond the typical mobile game faire to have a great story and interesting game mechanics. I picked it up hoping for great and I wasn't disappointed.

The game brings you into its unique universe from the start and I was immediately hooked. I watched the entire intro and "more information" game sections before I even started playing. It was that unique.

The game is stylistically similar to the old Out of this World game released on PC and Super Nintendo. It forgoes speech in favor of text and that works very well for the game. It also has a very simple control and fight mechanic. If you want to fight you put your phone up and down and when you want to move around the world you have to put the phone on its side. Simple.

My only downside to this game is that it joins many other awesome adventure games in its "mystery meat" puzzle hardness factor. Old games like Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle were awesome, but often you had to do very non obvious things to progress. I am at such a part now and am considering using a walkthrough to get past it. I guess it bears noting that I haven't really played a game in years that required me to think about going to a walkthrough.

The game has an interesting mechanic where you can read the minds of anyone you come in contact with. You can go to a screen where you can read through all their thoughts and this adds a real depth to the world and tone of the game. For instance, there is a dog in the beginning part of the game and you can read his thoughts.

It being occasionally difficult shouldn't stop you from picking it up, its fantastic and if you are looking for a richer mobile game experience, this is it. Oh and its for sale on Steam as well now until April 28th so no reason not to pick it up!

Out of this World: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Another_World_%28video_game%29