"The object of the game is to protect your fruit orchard from insect fruit thieves, scoring points by exterminating the attackers."

I file Spider Fighter in the "awesome Atari 2600 games most people never heard of" category. That said, even though it wasn't well known it was my favorite 2600 title. Spider Fighter stood out to me because the game started as a fast paced shoot em up and as you completed levels got even faster. The game got so fast at points that I could beat a level in seconds. That said, the quick pace often meant you could die very quickly if you weren't careful.

After my final Atari 2600 controller broke I decided to sell my Atari collection. Even though I parted ways with Spider Fighter and the rest of my 2600 games I still kept all the game manuals. The Spider Fighter manual states that if you score 40,000 or more points you qualify for Activition's elite corp of Spider Fighters. If you take a picture of your screen and send it to them they will send you an official Spider Fighter emblem. As I kid I regularly hit scores higher than 40,000 and always wanted to send in a picture, but figured that far into the 90's Activision wasn't taking new recruits into the Spider Fighter corps. But even if I didn't get an official emblem, I was a member in my heart.