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I am a sucker for 2D pixel-chunky RPG's. What can I say? Little jdodson loved Final Fantasy games as they helped opened my eyes to how beautiful video games can be. I've recently been hearing about a new Kickstarter game called Elysian Shadows and wanted to share it, because it looks great. They have 11 days left to raise 38k to fund the game so if you are interested in getting your hands on this, the time is now.

Elysian Shadows features some really beautiful art and shading mechanics. It's a bit hard to explain, so check the Kickstarter page and video for a full realization. Not only does Elysian Shadows feature a pretty interesting premise, it also will ship on a lots of platforms including the Dreamcast.

No release date has been specified at this time but when it does Elysian Shadows will launch on Linux, Mac, Windows, Ouya, Android, iOS and Dreamcast.

"When dreaming up the gameplay experience of Elysian Shadows, we drew inspiration from not only the great 16-bit RPGs of our youth, but also a vast list of games we grew up loving, many of which aren't even in the same genre. We wanted to create an experience that could also be enjoyed by people who are traditionally disinterested in the slow-pacing of RPGs. We sought to revitalize the old school formula and integrate gameplay mechanics from action games and even platformers to create and even more exciting and immersive gameplay experience."