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"In the 24th century, humanity is at war with a hostile alien race. Outnumbered a million to one, mankind's only hope of survival is the J.U.M.P. Corps. Its mission is to fight the alien menace hive by hive and planet by planet.

Hive Jump is one part Spelunky, one part XCOM, and all parts alien ass-kicking. You and your friends assume the role of JUMPERS, and blast your way through subterranean alien hives in run-and-gun 2D platforming action. Kill aliens, avoid traps, collect resources, and defeat the hive queen lurking at the bottom of the hive to complete the JUMP.

Hive Jump is a cool Kickstarter that is only a 26 hours away(at the time I wrote this) from completing so if you want in on the action you'd better hop to it. The art style is reminiscent of Altered Beast and worked really well with the score.

Hive Jump will drop when it's ready on PC, Mac, Linux and Wii U.