Ever since Disney bought LucasFilm I have been awaiting new StarWars content. Immediately Disney queued up Star Wars VII with JJ Abrams directing as well as Star Wars: Rebels a new Disney XD animated show. I wasn't terribly interested in Star Wars: Rebels but after seeing episode one available for a free download in iTunes, I decided to give it a shot.

The first episode contains so many Star Wars references and I was happy to have noticed them. First thing that might be of note is that the characters take a chartered flight on "Star Tours." They base the ship and Rex pilot after the old Star Tours ride before Disney refurbished it a few years ago.


One of the Driods in the pilot is based on an original Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars concept painting.


The characters based on McQuarrie concept paintings doesn't stop there, one of the main characters Zeb is based on the original concept for Chewbacca.


That said, references alone don't make a show great and i'd say the show stands on it's own in terms of likable characters and a serviceable plot. They do a very good job in the first episode and based on it, i'd love to continue watching it. My only gripe is that they only have 22 minutes and i'd like a bit more time in the universe with the characters. That said, if you are looking to get a fun Star Wars fix, the new Rebels show is worth looking into.

First episode of Star Wars: Rebels Droids in Distress is free for download on iTunes.