Last week I saw Eitr being discussed in various gaming circles as the developers had just dropped a very impressive gameplay trailer. What impressed me the most was how great the tone of the game was and how well it looked. I reached out to Eneme Games because I wanted to know more about how the game is progressing. I want to thank them for responding and wish them to a speedy Kickstarter and launch!

jdodson: Will the choices you make in Eitr affect how your character plays? For instance, can you focus on choosing certain abilities to be more magical or abilities that are more attack focused?

Eneme Games: Absolutely. We've both played RPG's for the majority of our lives and understand how important character building is as an aspect of character progression and re-playability. We plan on having a range of abilities in the game for players to choose from, players won't have access to every ability in the game with one character, you'll have to build your character in a style that suits you and use abilities that compliment your statistics.

jdodson: What is the tech stack you are using for Eitr? Gain +2 Dex for using QuickBASIC.

Eneme Games: We're building the game in Unity using 100% C#.

jdodson: Who are you working with on the music for Eitr?

Eneme Games: We haven't finalised this yet, but what I can say is that we're in discussions with a composer to bring music to Eitr, also shout out to all the composers that have pitched their music and CV's to us thus far, we love you all!

jdodson: Eitr looks like an incredible love-letter to Diablo. Has Blizzards first foray in hell influenced your development of Eitr?

Eneme Games: Of course, I mean, if you're making an Isometric Action RPG these days and you haven't played Diablo, what are you doing? Haha. Diablo is a wonderful series and one that we have sunk our teeth into for many hours, but it doesn't stand alone as our only source of inspiration, there are many others including Path of Exile, Zelda, Golden Axe, Lineage One and of course the Souls series - this list could easily go on, but these are just some of my personal favourites of the genre and ones that have inspired us.

With that said, we believe Eitr will stand on it's own two feet and I hope that when people play, they will think "this is a great game" rather than "this is just like X or Y".

jdodson: How have some of your recent playtests of Eitr gone?

Eneme Games: Pretty hilarious actually, we've had some of our close friends and family play-test the game, whilst watching them either in person or over Skype and I can confirm everyone so far has died to rats. Hahaha, there's a strange magical feeling about watching your creation wreck people.

Most of our friends have managed to make it through the demo after a few attempts, we also tested a Hard Mode where we just added more enemies and increased their statistics, no one made it. :)

Don't get me wrong though, we don't want Eitr to be the worlds hardest game, but it definitely is challenging, that is a part of the game design.

jdodson: What is the one thing you want people to say about Eitr?

Eneme Games: We want to hear people say that they've completed everything it has to offer. Playing a game and thinking it's great is one thing, but playing a game to completion says something else, it says that person was fully engaged in your title, they know what's good and they know what's bad, these people can offer constructive criticism that is of immeasurable value.

jdodson: Will Eitr feature narrative that will expand as you progress through the game. If so, wondering if you can share some of it with us?

Eneme Games: Well I can't talk much about the story quite yet, beyond what we've already told, but yes there will be dialogue that develops as players progress through the game.

jdodson: I saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes in the theater. I wanted to see an ape kill a man and it took over an hour for that to happen. My first question is if you were directing the film how long would it take you to have an ape kill a man? My second question is would you include space travel because the movie omitted it entirely and I nearly asked for a refund because of this.

Eneme Games: We watched that film just the other day actually! It was... an experience. The monkey that killed the first guy was pretty sick though, I personally would've based the entire film around him, in which case a human would've probably died in the opening scene. Hah.

jdodson: Some people that are reading this may be considering getting into game development, do you have any thoughts for them or people doing it now?

Eneme Games: Sure, for people considering game dev, just jump in man, you'll find out real fast whether it's for you or not. Trust me. Once you make that first character move on the screen - it's really a love it or "meh" moment. Go get a program that's easier to start off with like Construct 2, or Game Maker and watch some tutorials on Youtube and really just mess around and have fun.

For those of you already doing it, send us a Tweet! We'd love to see what you're all working on.

jdodson: You have been in development of Eitr for some time, about how far do you anticipate we have to wait for the early beta and final version?

Eneme Games: We still consider the game to be in early development, when we launch our Kickstarter in the coming months, there will be an option for people to gain access to the Alpha, however this may be limited. As for the final version of the game, we don't have a release window set at this time.

jdodson: What games are you all playing right now? Anything we should be checking out?

David: Pretty hooked on Hearthstone at the moment, really anticipating the release of Bloodborne and Dragon Age: Inquisition.
Tobi: "dat Last of Us tho"

jdodson: Fast forward some and Eitr releases to good acclaim. Riches abound, cars, houses and boats for everyone. What’s next for ENEME?

Eneme Games: Oh man, well it's always going to be games that's for sure. If things really went that well we would probably just expand our team and start up the next project. Definitely would love to work on something at a much greater scale.

jdodson: Thanks for taking the time to get back to me, anything you want to say before we wrap things up?

Eneme Games: Thank you, Jon! Honestly the response we've had from Eitr so far has astounded us, we've received such good feedback from the press and the public, it was completely unexpected. When we put up our gameplay footage, really we were just anticipating viewers on our DevLog and possibly a couple others and it kinda just spiralled out of control - (notice our footage isn't a trailer and is just raw gameplay footage). Regardless, we want to thank the public for all the positive response we've had and we can't wait to show you more.