Valvetime has found a new Steam Controller design in the latest Steam beta client. From the Valvetime site:

"The new design, shown below, appears largely similar to the previous iteration and features an analogue stick, four main buttons, and two touch pads.

The most striking change from previous designs is the appearance of a four-point directional guide on the left touch pad. It's not entirely clear just yet how the four-point guide will be used or what it's main purpose is, but we'd imagine the left pad may now feature as a softer, more diverse alternative to the standard D-Pad by offering more directional input than just the standard four-points of motion.

I love the new look and the inclusion of an analog stick and the 4 diamond buttons seem like a great idea. What do you think, does this new Valve Controller seem like a good direction or did you prefer the older design?

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