"The Innistrad and Dark Ascension sets showed us a world where humanity is beset on all sides by monsters, including vampires, zombies, and werewolves. Avacyn, a living covenant whose angelic powers protected humans, was imprisoned within the Helvault and feared lost forever. But just as humanity's darkest hour beckons, Avacyn is freed, inspiring hosts of angels to usher in a new dawn. But even though they no longer have the upper hand, the creatures of the night are still a dangerous threat. The eternal struggle on Innistrad continues in this thrilling conclusion."

I have loved Magic since high school. In recent years I have started playing more and more as I hang out with other adult geeks now. A few weeks back I was camping for a friends birthday and we played many a hand of Magic. I re-instated my love of Magic a few years back during the awesome Shadowmoor expansion.

Taking my love for the game a step further as this Friday(4/27) a friend and I are going to Red Castle Games in Portland for a midnight sealed tournament.

If you are interested in coming, let me know.

As I have nipped back into Magic I have built up a few decks I like playing with. One of my go to decks is a White/Blue flyer/lock down deck. I also have a few dueling decks. I like the dueling decks because they are balanced to not have one be that much better than the other. As it goes, if two players are evenly matched in skill no one should have an advantage save the randomness of the shuffle.

The dueling decks I like playing right now are a Knights and Dragons deck. As ive played a few hands with it as the Dragons and I have been bested every time. The Knights seem very powerful and the Dragons haven't one a hand yet. Ill keep playing it, perhaps I am playing the deck wrong.

Excited about Avacyn restored and my first Magic release party. If you want more information on this expansion in depth I have compiled some awesome links to the Magic site that go really in depth about the expansion and focus on its art direction.

Details on release tournaments and Avacyn Restored:

All the cards contained in the release:

A great post about the new art direction of the lands cards. I am in awe of the detail the artists put into each painting, they are incredible:

A bunch of desktop wallpapers:

The pictured card in the post above is the limited edition card attendees of the midnight event will all receive. Cool they reserve these limited edition cards for the hardcore fans!

Azurephile   Super Member wrote on 01/24/2014 at 03:27am

Awesome! I have had a copy of the Microprose PC version for a while. It seems the CD isn't readable anymore, so I...well, I found a way around that. It's still fun and addictive to play. I did get the 2013 version of Magic on the PS3, but I must admit it's been a year since I've played it. Still, going back to the Microprose version, I love it, even though it pretty much just contains older cards and I always choose to play with a random deck. I was playing that for a while before I some how managed to get myself away from it. =) Oh and I still have some MTG cards.

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