If you follow the site you are aware that we are all pretty excited about Steam Machines and the Steam Link. I've mostly been tuning out the other stuff because, to date, nothing has seemed as compelling as buying a game in one place on Steam and playing it anywhere I want.

With that, last week I found out about the upcoming Nvidia Shield Console that is a $200 high powered Android TV device that supports in home streaming and Nvidia's new Grid service. Using Nvidia's in home PC streaming you can broadcast your Steam games to your Nvidia Shield console. Steam Machines and the Link do that too but what is interesting is the Shield console runs a full blown Android TV system which supports Chromecast streaming, Android TV apps including Pandora, Netflix and Hulu. It's also not hard to unlock Android TV to install other apps on it. So if you are looking for a system that does a bit more out of the box AND handles Steam game streaming this might be something to put on your radar.

That said, the Nvidia console option does come with one negative in that it weds you to playing all your PC titles to use Windows as Nvidias streaming only works on Windows PCs. Steam in home streaming can stream from Mac, Linux or Windows so you can fling whatever Steam game from whatever OS it may run on.