Double Fine released Broken Age part 2 today that wraps up it's wildly successful Kickstarter project. After reading a few initial reviews of act 2 I was disappointed to see the reviews mixed. On one hand the people laud the games look and feel, music and tone. On the other hand they critique the old school difficult adventure game puzzles for being very hard to understand. This makes sense as I never beat many of LucasArts old adventure games without walkthroughs as the solutions to situations were so obtuse. That said, it seems the backers of the project wanted a modern take on the adventure game and today we have the delivery. I am personally looking forward to starting it up and letting you know what I think of it.

Have you tried Broken Age? Are you interested in checking out Double Fines latest release?

jaelte wrote on 04/29/2015 at 09:13am

I started playing it again on Sunday night. Because it had been so long, I decided to start over from the beginning, so I just got to the second half today. So far so good; no guide yet, but I'm not very far in, so we'll see.

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