The Indie Game scene is bigger and more vibrant than ever. Steam has over 7481 games and DLC available, a large percent of those games being made by Indie developers. As large studios continue to release the same kind of shooter or fighting game Indie developers often branch out with unique titles like Besige, The Talos Principle & Kerbal Space Program. GameLoading: Rise of the Indies is a new documentary that explores aspects of Indie game culture as seen through the stories of developers.

Since GameLoading derives it’s story and flow from the developers and games they are building occasionally the pacing suffers as it breaks out of a personal story in favor of a focused topic. The biggest instance that nearly threw me off entirely was in the start of the film when they talked about adults and play. I don’t mind documentaries that focus on an idea but it breaks out of the personal stories of developers that are the most engaging part of the film. That said, after GameLoading starts focusing on the people and the games they make the film clicked with me.

The developer stories GameLoading features are Rami Ismail of Vlambeer, Davey Wreden of The Stanley Parable, Zoe Quinn of Depression Quest and a few more. The inclusion of a wide mix of developers is good as I hadn’t heard of some of them or the games they released before. In my experience not all indie developers are “camera ready” and to the credit of GameLoading they don’t shy away from this in whom they feature.

If you love documentaries and want to consume all things gaming, you should check out GameLoading: Rise of the Indies. It doesn’t quite achieve the incredible heights of Indie Game: The Movie but it it’s a good film that shows a community of people making what they love.