When I first got into NES games I begged my parents for a subscription to Nintendo Power. Nintendo Power was a monthly dose of magazine crack that kept us all updated on all things Nintendo. New YouTuber Shawntendo64 has a fun series called "Nintendo Power Recharged" where he talks about Nintendo Power an issue at a time. His first video on the topic covers Nintendo Power 1 and is a good summary of what's included. If you were part of the Nintendo Fan Club you received this issue for free as an attempt to get you to opt for the yearly sub.

I remember reading this issue cover to cover but due to the ignorance of youth never held on to the large stack of Nintendo Power Magazines I had. I always wanted Nintendo to release a Nintendo Power digital PDF bundle something I would buy in an instant.

Shauntendo64 has a few more videos in this series that cover issues 56 and 82. I wonder if he will review them all?


Azurephile   Super Member wrote on 05/05/2015 at 03:14am

I loved Nintendo Power and I agree, it was a monthly dose of magazine crack. I didn't have a subscription until probably just over 10 years ago, though. Still, when I got my hands on one, it was awesome! I had some friends that had subscriptions. I probably still have some around here some where, but the oldest is only from 10 or a few more years ago and/or earlier. I really loved Nintendo, so I really loved Nintendo Power. It was probably one of the very few magazines that I actually read most of its contents. Still, it's sad that they're no longer making it. I also agree that it would be awesome if they released the entire catalog in PDFs.

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