Link's Awakening is my most beloved Zelda game. During last years Portland Retro Gaming Expo I finally broke down and repurchased it as our family copy was lost to time or sold. I have it on my list of games to replay and hopefully I can do it this year. That said I found this Imgur album of a few collected facts on the game and though I would pass it along.

And for extra credit, here is the ballad of the wind fish on YouTube. That song is still one of the saddest songs I can think of from the 8 bit era.

AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 05/08/2015 at 03:51am

I had this game and I remember playing it! I didn't know there was a special ending. I probably didn't know most of the facts in that album, though. I think I did play the DX version once.

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