Brazilian game company Behold Studios recently launched Chroma Squad on Steam after a successful Kickstarter. They were kind enough to give me a review copy and after my initial few hours with the game I can say that if you were excited about a Power-Rangers inspired Sim, your excitement wasn't misplaced! The game focuses on a group of stunt people that are unhappy working on their current show and decide to strike out and make their own. The game features fun turn based team gameplay where good strategy is rewarded with more fans of your show and money. Each mission is tied together with a story that is light hearted and engaging.

I hit up Behold Studios to see if I could ask them questions about the game and I want to thank Saulo for getting back to me. The game is great on PC and I think it's will be a good fit when it comes out on tablets too.

jdodson: Chroma Squad was Kickstarted and recently dropped on Steam. How are you feeling right now after the game has launched and people have had a chance to play it?

Saulo Camarotti: Chroma Squad is a 2 year project, and after so long we are extremely happy to be able to launch it. The feedback from the community is great so far. We're receiving tons of compliments and words of excitement. To be able to make people happier make us feel whole.

jdodson: In the movie Interstellar by director Christopher Nolan CASE says the ships spin rate needs to be 68 revolutions per minute to dock. When the ship is shown it is spinning at MAYBE 20 revolutions per minute. What kind of space shenanigans does Christopher Nolan expects us to believe? That this is some kind of magic spaceship? I really hope someone got fired for that blunder. This wasn’t really a question.

Saulo Camarotti: The thing is: Interestelar is a fiction. You can't expect that everything should be real. ;)
Top 5 movies of all time for me.

jdodson: Are you planning any future updates to Chroma Squad? Also wondering if you will be porting it to any new platforms?

Saulo Camarotti: Yeah! The new version is coming for Tablets with some big changes to gameplay from some core elements, like Mecha Fights and Marketing. In the end of the year, we are also planning for the Console version of the game: Playstation and Xbox.

jdodson: When you have been playing Chroma Squad what parts have you been most happy with?

Saulo Camarotti: We really love the jokes. It's fun to read and have a laugh at something we've created. The best thing is that the game is making people feel happy.

jdodson: Portland has a pretty large Indie game scene with many new people starting the process of making games. I wonder what advice you have for people just getting started making games?

Saulo Camarotti: Never stop making games. You don't need a studio, or a team, or money, or anything else to make games right now. Grab your computer, create a work routine, make plans, start working. And aim for the end of the project. When a new game is released, start working on something new. That's how it goes. In less than 5 games you'll be making some good games already.

jdodson: What games are you all (the team) playing right now?

Saulo Camarotti: We've been playing a lot of games lately. But i've played "Papers, Please", "Stanley Parable", "Cities Skyline"... all good games so far.

jdodson: Now that Chroma Squad is out what’s next for Behold Studios

Saulo Camarotti: We're working on some new things for Chroma Squad and the port for other platforms as well. We're also working on a new game, but it's a secret for now.

jdodson: Care to drop any hints about the next Behold game?

Saulo Camarotti: Hm, it will be awesome!

Chroma Squad is available on PC, Mac and Liunux for sale right now on Steam and GOG.