Starcraft II is a great game and comes with an amazing multiplayer mode that is fun to play with friends. That is if they know how to play Starcraft 2. One mode that is coming to Legacy of the Void looks incredible and might be something I play quite a bit of and might get some of my friends to play Starcraft 2 with me.

"In Allied Commanders, you play as one of the many heroic leaders in the StarCraft II universe. Each with an arsenal of various powers and abilities and a select group of unit types which you may use to compose your army. All of these tools make playing each commander a unique experience."

You should check the link below to see what each races commanders do and which one you might like with your play style.

Adding another multiplayer mode to Starcraft II sounds great and I am seriously looking to check this out. So far there is no release date for Legacy of the Void I know of but when one is known, i'll let you know.

You can pre-order the digital Legacy of the Void version now and if you do you get access to 3 prologue missions. PC Gamer recently reviewed them and if you are interested in learning if they are fun, check out the review below. I haven't played them yet as I am going to get the physical collectors edition and it's not yet available for pre-order.