Blizzard has released a new video called "Reclamation" that goes into history of the Protoss as they get ready for the new Legacy of the Void game.... errrr as they get ready to invade the Zerg infested Auir. As with many things there is a completely coherent idea that war can be avoided and that the Protoss should find a new homeworld to avoid the massive loss of life that would result in an all out war with the Zerg. Good thing Artanis completely rational ideas are immediately discarded as if they went with it after you started the game you'd see Artanis hanging out on the current Protoss homeworld knocking back a cold one saying "good thing we didn't do that war thing" as the credits rolled. Personally i'd find playing that game fun for a few minutes but then wish he'd chosen the more violent path. Good thing he doesn't disappoint.

I know i'll be watching endless Protoss march to their deaths on November 10th, will you?