A couple days ago Blizzard announced that Warsong Commander was getting a nerf and we've talked about it a bit already. I think all Hearthstone players wanted to see the Grim Patron Warrior deck get a nerf but after Blizzard talked about Warsong Commanders changes some people voiced some displeasure. No nerf is going to make everyone happy but is changing Warsong Commanders ability that big a problem?

For folks not in the know Blizzard is changing Warsong Commanders ability from:

"Whenever you summon a minion with 3 or less Attack, give it Charge."


"Your Charge minions have +1 Attack. "

But some people feel this nerf is bad for Hearthstone in general as seen in a recent article from PCGamer.

"Before Patrons became the target of vitriol from the average ladder player and Twitch stream viewer, Face Hunter, Zoo and other aggressive decks were the main point of complaint. What stopped these decks from dominating the meta if not the rise of Patron Warrior? Maybe we should be taking a minute to thank the Patron players for farming those pesky aggro players out of existence. "

If any love exists for Patron players I don't think it's still around. To me, the deck feels a bit cheesy but on the other hand it's nice to have a strong deck from cards you can pickup easily from Naxxramas and Blackrock. I urge you to watch the developer reasons for the nerf in the video above and then the article at PCGamer below. After that drop your thoughts in the comments.


I still think nerfing Grim Patron Warrior is a good think and this change wasn't terrible but it makes Warsong Commander less interesting to the point I am not sure it will be played much anymore. It's sad for a standard card to be less useful but I understand Blizzards rationale even if it's not universally loved.