Mystery Science Theater 3000 recently achieved it's crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter for three new episodes. It's a little under halfway to it's further goal to full fund a full 12 episode season if the nerd crowd so desires. Either way we will be getting new episodes which is an awesome thing. If you were alive in the 90's you may have caught this show on Comedy Central and later on the SciFi Network. One yearly staple was MST3K Turkey Day where Joel and Bots would select 6 episodes to show over the course of Thanksgiving and record a new video segment to kickoff each episode. In the last couple years Turkey Day has been something they've continued through streaming and this year should be worth checking out.

Why not relax with this message from Internet sensation Joel Hodgson:

"If you've been watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 for a while, maybe you already know about a little holiday tradition that we like to call the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon.

Every year on Thanksgiving, we get together and spend the day giving thanks for our favorite meal: the cheesy movies that have been feeding Mystery Science Theater 3000 since we first aired on Thanksgiving Day in 1988.

Now that you're part of our family, I'd love for you and your family to become part of our tradition.

If you are interested in forgoing football in favor of 6 classic MST3K episodes there are a ton of options to stream it free online on their Kickstarter page.